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Amusement Parks

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Amusement parks... bright lights and entertainment. The first amusement parks evolved from fairs and carnivals, with their entertainment, food, and side-show type attractions. They have grown into a huge industry today, entertaining millions of people and opening in locations worldwide. The oldest amusement park which is still in operation is in Denmark... it is the Bakken (meaning "The Hill"). It opened its doors in 1583.[1]

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Amusement parks have cropped up all across America over the last couple of centuries. From small local parks to huge theme parks, amusement parks are big business. Families from all walks of life flock to the parks to relax and have fun. Having one place to go for all the information you need to make your theme park visit a success just makes your trip that much easier. From hours of operation to the latest deals and coupons, turn to Amusement Parks Info for the information you need to know now.


Types of Amusement Parks

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Amusement parks come in all sizes... from the small traveling amusement parks that open at state and county fairs, and sometimes in local parking lots, to the huge complexes that cover acres and acres of land and are household names, such as the Disney parks. There are parks that are simply for amusement, with some rides, some food and other entertainment, and those that follow a particular theme or promote a brand.

Although the terms theme park and amusement park have become virtually interchangable in modern day, a theme park is more appropriately an amusement park built around a topic. Examples of theme parks would be Six Flags, which is themed around the six different flags that have flown over the state of Texas as it changed hands in history, Hersheypark, which is built around the Hershey chocolate company's history, and Disneyland and Disney World, which are built on the Walt Disney characters.

A marine park is another type of themed amusement park. Sea World is a prime example of a modern marine park. At these parks, aquatic wildlife and habitats are showcased, and the entertainment comes in the form of shows with live sealife, such as whales or dolphins, performing tricks in a pool with a trainer. Several marine parks also have rides such as roller coasters. Some aquariums can fit the marine park label as well.

Water parks are those amusement parks where the rides are all revolving around water. Wave pools, which simulate an ocean, lazy rivers, where guests can float along in intertubes, and water slides are all very common attractions at water parks. Wet 'n Wild and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor are examples of water parks.

There are also amusement parks centered more around animals... they are not always considered a traditional amusement park, but they do fit the basic definition. Zoos, nature centers and safaris all fall into this category of park. Lion Country Safari and Animal Paradise Family Fun Park are examples of animal themed amusement. Aquariums are also often classed here.




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